Our cooperation with the BOJKO production and service company began in 2000 and continues to this day. During these 20 years, the company dealt with the renovation of eccentric, crank and friction presses, as well as the production of dies for cold pressing of agricultural machinery parts.

BOJKO is a responsible and conscientious company. Our cooperation always runs smoothly. The commissioned works were performed according to the contract and the deadlines were always kept.

We recommend the services provided by BOJKO for quality, timeliness and reliability.

KOŁASZEWSKI Company Director Arkadiusz Urbaniak


We certify that the BOJKO company, a production and service company, has been cooperating with our company since 2007. At the turn of these 13 years, she dealt with cyclical repairs of devices resulting from operation, such as repairs of crushing devices (impact crushers, jaw and cone crushers) and repairs of screening devices (bearing housings of screening and vibrating drives, and driving shafts of vibrating screens).

After many years of cooperation with BOJKO, we can certify that all works were performed reliably and on time. This company has a well-trained staff, which translates into the quality of services. We can certainly recommend BOJKO for its reliability, responsibility and punctuality. Co-operation with this company has been unqualified for 6 years and will be continued.

Lafarge Aggregates and Concrete


We have been cooperating with BOJKO since 2006 until now. At that time, the company dealt with various types of repairs of devices belonging to the company “Stolon”. Among other things, repairs of pivots and surfaces of stainless shafts of the dryer (L5500mm, fi 240), repairs of the surface of the dryer cylinder (cast iron cylinder, L5500mm, fi 2500). The repair consisted in repairing the drying surface defects using the tig method with the use of a specialized binder (buffer layer) invented by Dr. Grzegorz Ciszewski from the Cracow University of Technology, the welding institute, which directly supervised the entire project. The repair was done on site.

On-site boring of high pressure seal surfaces with a portable boring machine.

In our opinion, BOJKO, a production and service company is a reliable and responsible partner that guarantees comprehensive execution of orders with due diligence.

“Stolon” potato processing plant


Our cooperation with BOJKO began in 2007. It consists in cyclical repairs resulting from the operation of crushing devices (impact crushers, jaw crushers and cone crushers) and screening devices (bearing mountings of screening and vibrating drives as well as driving shafts of vibrating screens) /

We can recommend the services provided by BOJKO to everyone. It is a reliable company that adheres to the terms of the contract and the timeliness of the commissioned work. Also, the quality of products and services is very high. we are satisfied with the course of our cooperation. The availability and competence of employees is a great advantage of this company.

Mineral Polska Sp. z o. o.

EKO Instal

Our cooperation started in 2008. It consists in periodic repairs resulting from the operation of devices such as crushers (impact crushers, jaw crushers and cone crushers) and repairs of screening devices (bearing housings of screening and vibrating drives as well as driving shafts of vibrating screens).

The long-term cooperation went without any problems. During this time, the Bojko company showed a professional approach and diligence in the repairs of our devices. We certify that it is a trustworthy company.




We certify the reliability and commitment of the BOJKO company with which we have been cooperating since 2017. We are satisfied with the professionalism and work performed in the field of machining of ship components and parts of drilling platforms. The services were performed on time as previously assumed.

From the perspective of many years of cooperation, we can fully consciously recommend BOJKO as an experienced and conscientious contractor.




The company Metpol Sp. J. recommends the BOJKO company. The scope of our cooperation since 2017 includes mainly the production of elements for the shipbuilding industry, elements of construction machinery and equipment for the mining industry.

The company’s reliability does not raise any objections. The BOJKO company is characterized by a wide range of works, attention to detail and timeliness, which translates into satisfaction and continuation of mutual cooperation.


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